3 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Website in 2022 [Tested]

3 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Website in 2022 [Tested]

In this article, I will be going forth and talking about the 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites which is tested by Hundreds of industry experts who have written positive reviews about all these WordPress Plugins.

Selecting the right Search Engine Optimization Plugin can help to save a lot of time to optimize a website for Search Engines.

Choosing the right and valuable SEO Plugin is important and difficult as well, especially for beginners because of lack of experience. After watching tons of videos and reading a lot of blogs on "What is the Best SEO Plugin for a WordPress Website?"

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Website in 2022

Why Does A WordPress Website Need SEO Plugins?

Before getting deep into the question "Why does A WordPress website need an SEO Plugin", you have to recognize how much SEO is important for a website and also if your website needs SEO or not?

If you can afford to run continuous Paid Campaigns throughout the year you do not need any SEO, and if you cannot afford a single one SEO is for you. Because it is free of cost.

Benefits of Using an SEO Plugins

Using SEO Extensions in a WP Website you can achieve the following benefits.
  1. Work Fast
  2. More Optimization 
  3. Image Optimization
  4. Auto Suggestion
  5. Find Weak Points Easily
  6. Easily Focus A Keyword
  7. Control Title Length
  8. Easy Word Count in blog
  9. Control Keyword Density
  10. Check Content Readability before Publish
Note: These are tools and there is no such tool that gives perfect results, so you can not rely on tools 100%.

Things to Consider Before Using any WordPress SEO Plugin

There are tons of Free and Paid WordPress Plugins to perform SEO in the WordPress Plugin directory. It doesn't mean you are going to install any of them. 
Doing some research and reading some expert reviews will save you from future losses and select the right plugin.

Do Not Install These Plugins

Here are some important points that you should consider before installing any plugin.
  • Nulled Plugins
  • Third-Party Providers (Get from Official Website Only)
  • Do not install if the plugin is not updating regularly
  • Do not install if the plugin has more negative reviews
  • Do not install if the plugin is not compatible with your WP version
  • If the plugin has viruses, us e a total virus to check before activating

The 3 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

These are the three best SEO Plugin which is used widely by WordPress users.

1- Yoast SEO Plugin

When someone talks about SEO Plugin for WordPress Websites YOAST is the first thing that came to mind.

Yoast is a very entrusted brand in the SEO society as they give amazing tools for website owners/bloggers, which help them optimize their websites to make them rank well on search engines. This plugin provides a free way of optimizing your posts/website with a lot of customization options.

Yoast SEO Plugin

It also helps bloggers who don't know much about SEO understand what needs to be done from a beginner's perspective.

Yoast allows you to do:
  • Google Search Console Easy Configuration
  • On-Page SEO
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Robot.txt File

Google Search Console Easy Configuration

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google where website owners can submit and verify their website and track statistics like Backlinks, Keywords, Submit Sitemap, Check Errors, and many more important things.

If you have the YOAST free version installed you can do all these steps in just a few clicks. For more On-Page SEO guides you can read our blog posts which we have written on this.

On-Page SEO

As we know On-Page is crucial when it comes to ranking. Yoast is quite good at On-Site SEO suggestions. 

Sitemap Creation

With a sitemap file, we can tell Google about our Website pages, images, and videos, etc. Creating the right Sitemap File is quite technical and Yoast SEO Plugin provides an easy solution to this.

Robot.txt File

This is an important file that can decide which part of your website is to be crawled or not by search engines. Basically, it is a guide that site owners give to the search engine about crawling. If you create the wrong robot.txt file your website will not be crawled by Google.

Pro Tip: If you are facing a Crawling issue check the Robot.txt File today.

YOAST Plugin has two versions a paid and a premium one.  You can get some advanced features in the paid version.
  1.  Site Audit and Technical SEO: Recommendations to make sure your site is best optimized before going live.
  2.  Linking suggestions: These insights help your readers link to your content in the best way possible. We give you the best practices that we gathered from years of experience with SEO best practices!
  3.  Internal linking suggestions: Helps you set up internal links the best way possible for effective silo structure and to "hint" to search engines what your website is all about (without spamming them with unneeded keywords)
  4.  Content & Keyword Research Tools: So you can write better content and optimize around any given keyword very effectively.
So if you're looking for the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2022, then Yoast is the best SEO plugin I recommend. It has all the things you need to optimize your website and the best part is that it's freemium.

However, if you do not want to use Yoast for any reason there are multiple alternatives you can use.

YOAST Official Details

  • Plugin Latest Version 17.5
  • Active Installation 5 Million+
  • PHP Version 5.6 and higher
  • WordPress Version 5.6 and Higher
  • Available Languages 50+

2- Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

This is another best SEO plugin for WordPress that actually has both free and paid versions just like Yoast. Rank Math SEO Plugin is the most loved extension among bloggers nowadays.

It provides similar features as the YOAST does, however, to check that you have to install it on your website. 

According to some users, this is the Best Yoast Alternative because it gives you more control over your website and lets you see exactly what needs to be done.
RankMath SEO Plugin allows you to perform:
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Track Ranking Keywords 
  • Generate Schemas
  • Image SEO
  • Page Builder Integrations

On-Page SEO with RankMath

This plugin gives the most accurate suggestions when it comes to On-Site SEO, like Keyword Density, keywords in Title, URL, Meta Description, and Image Alt Tag.

Technical SEO

Get all the technical SEO error reports straight into your WP dashboard with this plugin. 

Track Ranking Keywords

The best thing about this plugin is you can get the top ranking keywords and their Clicks, Impressions, CTR, etc in the website dashboard.

Generate Schemas

Without Schemas it is almost impossible to rank in Google. To generate and apply the right schema type you need some technical skills but RankMath makes it easy for non-technical persons.

In just a few clicks you can create all kinds of Schemas easily.

Image SEO

Want to rank your website images too? Try this Extension you can try all Image SEO best practices before publishing your content.

Page Builder Integrations

Page builders are trending and the two widely used are Divi and Elementor. This plugin has easy integration with all famous page builders. Sometimes developers find issues integrating page builders due to plugin clashes.

RankMath SEO Plugins Key Features

  1. Google Analytics Integration
  2. Keyword Rank Tracker
  3. Pre-Define Schema Types and Custom Schema Builder
  4. Email Reports
  5. Google Trend Integration
  6. Google News and Video Sitemap
  7. Image SEO
  8. Redirection
  9. Divi and Elementor Integration

RankMath Plugin Official Details

  • Plugin Latest Version 1.0.75
  • Active Installation 1 Million+
  • PHP Version 7.2 and higher
  • WordPress Version 5.6 and Higher
  • Available Languages 20+

3- All In One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

All In One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

This plugin used to be the best according to many people years ago, however, it still works very well. Provides a lot of basic optimization techniques like YOAST and RankMath.
  • Site Audits 
  • Fresh index
  • Best Snippets
  • Technical SEO


Q- How to Be Aware of Harmful WordPress SEO Plugins in 2022?
A- As we mentioned above never get and install plugins from third-party websites, only get from official websites or install them from the WordPress directory.
Q- Is SEO Plugins really helpful in SEO?
A- To be honest SEO Plugins do not do SEO, at the end of the day you have to do it manually but the plugins make your job easy and fast.
Q- How do I select the best SEO Plugin from hundreds?
A- Check which plugins have the most positive reviews, active installations, and frequent updates.