How to Find the Best Blogger Template in 2022?[Tested]

How to Find the Best Blogger Template in 2022?[Tested]

Best Blogger Template Checklist:
  1. Responsive
  2. Fast Loading Blogger Template
  3. Multi-Purpose
  4. Ads Ready
  5. Sidebar Widgets
  6. Footer Credit
Best Blogger Template in 2022

#1- Responsive Blogger Template

To find the best blogger template in 2022 you have to make sure about the above points. If the template is fulfilling all the above points you can consider that the best blogger template and use for your blog.

Responsiveness of the website is crucial now. Google is not ready to rank websites which is not mobile responsive. Your website should change its layout according to the layout of the device. Like if the user is from a Mobile phone the website should automatically display the mobile version of your website and the same for tablets and other devices.

Check your website with Google's responsiveness checking tool or use any other free online tool. If your website is not mobile-friendly you can make it by adding a line of code or changing the template with a responsive one.

#2- Fast Loading Blogger Template

Another major point you have to check before using a blogger template in 2022 is the loading time of the theme.
This is also a Google major ranking factor and if you are serious about the SEO Search Engine Optimization of your blog you have to consider this point.

You can use Google Page Speed insight or GTMetrix to check the page speed of the template which you are using.

#3- Multi-Purpose Blogger Template

Check also if the template is multi-purpose. It's mean there are some template/themes made for specific purposes of websites. But there are also templates which you can use for any kind of website. So it is always better to choose a multi-purpose blogger template for your blog.

#4- Ads Ready

All modern blogger templates 2022 are Ads Ready and have special ad space. But it becomes difficult if you are using an old version of templates or themes. 

Most bloggers use Google AdSense or such kinds of CPC ad networks to monetize their blogs. In such Ad Networks, you have to paste the code to display ads.

Check your template is Ads ready or not, you can change the blogger template easily if you're one is not ads ready.

#5- Sidebar Widgets

All modern blogger templates and themes have built-in sidebar widget areas where you can display different categories, recent posts to make your website easy to navigate for users. It will also increase the user experience.

#6- Footer Credit

Every Blogger Template and WordPress Themes has a footer credit that can be removed. But there are a few templates in which you cannot remove the footer credit until you pay for it.
I suggest you purchase a premium template so you can easily remove the footer credit. Removing the credit will help to increase your website branding.