Perform 100% Free Backlinks Audit Using Google Search Console

Perform 100% Free Backlinks Audit Using Google Search Console

Being an SEO we have to repeat a few tasks on regular basis. It may be weekly or after every 100-15 days to be on the safe side against search engine penalties. 

Yes, I am talking about performing a Backlink Audit, and the advantages and disadvantages of doing a Backlink audit of websites. 

Whether it is your personal blog or a client website. Auditing links is crucial to sustaining a better position in search engines.

In this guide, we are sharing a free method to perform a backlink audit using Google Search Console also known as Google Webmaster Tool.

Perform 100% Free Backlinks Audit Using Google Search Console

What is Google Search Console?

If you are reading this blog post then I assume that you must have enough knowledge about Google Search Console.

Google Search Console a free tool provided by Google itself to check about website traffics, panelties, and overall performance.

 We have written a beginner's guide for Keyword Research Using Google Search Console already, which means you can use this powerful and Free SEO Tool for many purposes.

It is considered the most authentic tool by SEOs. Because it is backed by Google.

Importance of Performing Backlink Audit

Doing a regular Backlink Audit is important if you want to play a long-term game in blogging and online. 

When it comes to Backlink focus on quality over quantity. If you own a website or blog and you never did a Backlink Audit then you are doing a great mistake. 

You need to perform it right away. Because Backlinks are a major ranking factor but only quality backlinks. So if you have a bunch of toxic links you have to Disavow them by submitting them to Google Search Console. 

There are many tools available on the internet through which you can perform a Backlinks Audit but today in this post I am sharing a free and most authentic way to perform this audit, which is using Google Search Console.

Steps To Perform Backlinks Audit Using Google Search Console

  1. Open Google Serch Console
  2. Select the property from the top-left dropdown if you have multiple websites in the same Google Search Console
  3. Click on Links
Once you open the link you can see the following types of links. 
  1. Top Linked Pages
  2. Internal Links
  3. Top Linking Sites
  4. Top Linking Text

#1- Top Linked Pages

Websites consist of many web pages. In this section Top Linked Pages, you can check the most linked page of your website. 

#2- Internal Links

Internal Link is also a major SEO ranking factor in which a webmaster linked relevant content inside a website to make a website more user-friendly and search engine friendly.

 Doing the right internal linking makes a website fast indexing. 

Google Search Console makes it easy to check all the internal linking pages in this section.

#3- Top Linking Sites

In this section you can audit the linking sites. How many links are coming from which site. 

#4-  Top Linking Text

Checking the top linking text is crucial if you are performing a Backlink Audit or an SEO Audit. 

Linking text is also known as Anchor Text.

Using the Anchor Text in the right way can help to rank a website on the top of Google search and on the other hand the spammy use of Anchor Text can end up a website with a Google Penalty.

This section of Google Search Console allows you to audit the Anchor Text.
Audit Export Backlink.

Free Backlinks Audit Using Google Search Console

How To Remove Toxic Backlinks?

Once you have complete backlink audit and find al the toxic Backlinks and you have the list. Now its time to remove them and tell Google not to count them as Backlink. 

Google Search Console also provide you the easy method to remove those toxic backlinks by doing them Disavow.