Digital Marketing Specialist Job in Real Estate Dubai

Digital Marketing Specialist Job in Real Estate Dubai UAE July


WillWilley Properties a leading real estate agency in Dubai is looking for Digital Marketing Specialist for their Dubai office. 

On the official LinkedIn company profile, the job is announced today. Candidates who are looking for a Digital Marketing career in Dubai UAE can apply and grab this opportunity. 

About The Job 

The ideal candidate will be responsible to increase the company revenue through Digital Marketing paid campaigns. Brainstorming, creating campaigns analyzing the results, and creating reports on a regular basis. 

Key Responsibilities

  • All Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Provide analytical reports on a regular basis

Qualification Required for Digital Marketing Specialist Job Dubai

  1. Bachelor's or Equivalent Degree
  2. Hands-on experience in Microsoft Office Suite 
  3. Proven Experience in SEO, SMM
  4. Strong copy-writing skills
  5. Verbal and collaboration skills
Digital Marketing Specialist Job in Real Estate Dubai

Why Does Every Company Need A Digital Marketing Specialist?

Well, after the pandemic breakout almost all businesses in the world came online. One's who are not functional online started creating an online presence in the form of websites and social media profiles. 

Everyone starts ordering things online at home. The graph is continuously going up and the competition also. 

Reasons Companies Need A Digital Marketing Specialist

  1. Maximize Conversions
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. More Customer Reach 
  4. Sell Worldwide

Maximize Conversions

Digital Marketing is the only thing which through which businesses can win more sales online. If you are a company and do not have a Digital marketing Expert you are way behind your competitors. 

Even you can do a competitor analysis so you came to know how they are doing.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness becomes crucial when you try to target cold audiences online. Brand awareness will help to boost overall business. 

All online marketing experts suggest running this kind of ad to perfectly target the cold audience. 

More Customer Reach 

An online business can reach more customers as compared to offline. Because there is no limit to reaching online. If you are doing online advertisements for your business you can go across borders also.

Sell WorldWide

Online advertising can give the benefit of selling to the whole world. There is no limit to borders and boundaries. 

For Example, You have a product and you know that your targeted customers are in another country. In such a scenario, Digital Marketing can help you very well. You can easily target them via online advertising.