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URL Encoder Decoder Free Online Tool

About URL Encoder Decoder Online Tool Free

If you are in the online field then you must know about some important tools. UR Encoder-Decoder online is one of them.

Here we are providing one of the most accurate URL Encoding and Decoding Online Tool for free. 

Things Needed to Use URL Encoder & Decoder Online Tool

To use this online encode decode tool all you need is;
  •  A URL
  • Intenet connection computer, Tablet, or smartphone is important: 
  • this page where you currently are our URL Encoder and Decoder Tool

Why does someone Need URL Encoding Tool?

Characters Use in URL Are:

  • a to z (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz)
  • 0 to 9 (0123456789)
  • $ (Dollar Sign)
  • - (Hyphen / Dash)
  • _ (Underscore)
  • . (Period)
  • + (Plus sign)
  • ! (Exclamation / Bang)
  • * (Asterisk / Star)
  • ' (Single Quote)
  • ( (Open Bracket)
  • ) (Closing Bracket)

How To Use This Online URL Encoder/Decoder?

SEO Tools Free URL Encoder and Decoder Free Online Tool work in two ways. 
  1. URL Encode
  2. URL Decode
You can encode and decode any URL using our free tool which is available live on this URL. https://www.seotoolsfree.org/p/url-encoder-decoder.html

A user-friendly and easy-to-use tool that performs URL Encode & Decode in just a couple of clicks.

How Does URL Encode and Decode Help in SEO?

Being an SEO you have to perform many tasks on daily basis. One of the main jobs is to create Backlinks

Sometime its happen that you can see URLs that are not easy to read by human. So in such cases, the URL Encoding and Deciding tools came into play. 

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